Sunday, August 28, 2011

STORIES: Boring or inspiring?

One day when he joined my immediate family for a picnic in the park, my maternal Grandfather told a few stories. He was apologetic afterward believing that we would not be interested in hearing stories from an 'old man'. I can't speak for my brothers but I loved them. I wish that we would have encouraged him to tell us many more stories about his life and the life of his family.

In September, I’m going to visit my family in Ontario for a few weeks. I have started a list of the stories that I want my mom to tell me so that I can write about them. You've heard about
the difference between Mennonite religion and culture. I've also given you a picture of Sunday afternoons in the colonies. Since I’ve told you about weddings, I thought it might be interesting to have an explanation of the dating ‘rituals’ that preceded the tjast.

Mom has told me in the past about the process of baking for a family of 17 in an outdoor oven. That and other stories of growing up in a family of that size without the benefits of electricity and automobiles are bound to be stories of interest.

I also want to get the story behind a wonderful photo that I have of her brothers building a whole outdoor miniature village which they played with for days (partial photo posted here).

Other stories will emerge as well, I'm sure. And perhaps photos out of the ‘archives’ to go along with them.

Stories...definitely inspiring!

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