Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cher had it wrong, It's not in his kiss...

It's in His face, His eyes...
Have you ever had the kind of friend who has your back no matter what? The kind of friend who makes you feel accepted even when you do the most foolish things? Or who holds your hand while others are walking away?

As I read Psalm 105:4 this morning I thought of a very dear friend whose face I would seek in a crowd when I needed reassurance. His accepting, loving gaze always gave me a quiet strength to keep my chin up regardless of what had just happened...or was about to happen.

It struck me today that that is what it is like to seek God’s face. When I’m scared, I can look in His face and He gives me strength to take the next step. When I’ve made a foolish choice, I can look in His eyes and see kindness instead of getting a tongue lashing. This makes me realize that I don’t need to be ashamed and it brings a new resolve to be more careful not to make these choices in the future. I can look to Him no matter what and be strengthened and encouraged to carry on.

The friend that I mentioned earlier passed away and sometimes I still miss him terribly. But the LORD, my GOD, He is available to me for time and eternity!

'For the glory of God is man fully alive; and the life of man consists in beholding God'. St Irenaeous,
Psalm 105:4 ‘Look to the LORD and His strength, seek His face always,”

It’s in His face, In His eyes…

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