Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stepping Out...

I'm stepping out of the boat. In a way that makes no sense timing wise nor economically. But walking on water doesn't really make sense to the logical mind at any time does it? He's asking me to do it, so I'm doing it!

A few months ago, I felt that He was calling me to this and I asked Him to verify that it was indeed of Him which He did. When a month later I asked Him once again to show me that it was really what He was asking me to do, He said, "Hellen, I've already told you twice." Hmmmm...

I've never ever doubted His love...ever. I have however struggled in the area of trust because of childhood experiences. What a gracious, loving, patient God I am in relationship with! Slowly but surely He has led He has coaxed me... to this point. In his book Daring to Live on the Edge, Loren Cunningham says, "What He wants is obedience to His prompting THEN He will miraculously provide your needs."

So, I'm stepping out of the boat. Admittedly now that I have made the decision I've spent a couple of days looking at the waves and wondering what the heck I've done. But I know that He is in this and, intellectually, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that if I keep my eyes on Him I will not sink...

Here we go...


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  2. "To admit we do have a new heart and a glory from God, to begin to let it be unveiled and embrace it as true -- that means the next thing God will do is ask us to live from it. Come out of the boat. Take the throne. Be what he meant us to be. And that feels risky . . . really risky. But it is also exciting. It is coming fully alive. My friend Morgan declared, "It's a risk worth taking."

    -- John Eldredge in "Waking the Dead", p 88

  3. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by. Trust that you enjoyed my writings.