Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Proverbial Closet

Almost every morning I wake up and say, ‘This is the day that the LORD has made, I will rejoice and be glad it in.' It’s not because I’m so pious or naturally joyful!! In fact I have a tendency to see the glass half empty and lean towards the critical if I’m not careful. So, I need to make that daily commitment of choosing my attitude...and even then my halo sometimes slips during the day.

A few days ago, I added a new wake up phrase.

In all the times that I’ve read Proverbs 31 I’ve not taken any particular note of verse 25 but as I read it this past week, it stuck with me. In my New American Standard Bible it reads:
Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.

I love that! Yes! So every morning when I go to the proverbial (pun intended) closet, I know exactly what I'm going to wear...

Clothed with strength
, i.e., power over changes of earthly circumstances, which can easily shatter and bring to ruin if ones foundation isn’t solid.

Clothed with dignity, i.e., being worthy of honor or respect; having self respect.

This garment of powerful strength and true dignity allows me to look confidently into the future, and arms me against all sorrow and care.

Just for today, I can find the strength that I need for whatever I will face, and I can carry myself with dignity in the midst of it. Clothed with strength and dignity I can face the future with a smile…

Now, how many days does it take again to build a habit??


Thursday, June 9, 2011


I've enjoyed following Keith Jennings' blog for awhile now. Here is a portion of today's writing:

Context matters.

Whether you are starting out in your career, re-starting your career, or just plain stuck in a rut, don’t waste time trying to “do what you love.”

Instead, start by doing something out of your love for others. Serve them. Help them make money. Or save money. Or save time. Or save energy. Or protect something or someone. Or feel a certain way about themselves. Actually try to do all these!

You will find your success through others’ success.

And you will discover a career you’ll love through your love for others.

Click here to read the full blog.